Grazie – Ver O Mar (Joao Erbetta)

This week’s video takes us overseas to Copacabana Beach – at least in our music! „Ver O Mar“ is a cozy Bossa nova tune by Brazilian composer Joao Erbetta, known from the soundtrack of Netflix series „Coisa Mais Linda“. The song is about someone who came to Rio de Janeiro to „see the sea“ and (guess what) fell in love there! For those of you who wonder what Nico’s fascinating instrument is called: it’s an accordina (by Marcel Dreux Accordinas)! This is the second video of the „Grazie LIVING ROOM SESSIONS“ series, with a new video being released every other week. Enjoy listening and subscribe to our channel to stay in touch! 🙂


Vocal and 7-string guitar: Franziska Eberl

Accordina: Nico Graz

Music and Video Production: Thomas Eberl

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